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About Us

Kickstartnews reviews cover productivity software, graphics applications, Internet and web products and software, computer hardware, hardware accesories, utility software, leisure software, educational software, PDA and smartphone software, books and reference manuals.

The copyrights for "Kickstartnews" "kickstartnews" "" "" "KSN" "ksn" "KickStartNews" and others are owned and controlled by Kickstartnews Inc.

Our goal is to inform & excite you about genuinely useful, well designed and worthwhile products. We want to provide home-office, SOHO, small business and private consumers with the information they need to make the best product buying decisions.

Kickstartnews Inc. also develops game, productivity and utility Apps for iOS. Our design and development goals are centered on clean design, naturally intuitive interfaces, engaging use and great value.

Publisher & Site Design
David Coppola

Founder & Managing Editor
Howard Carson

Digital Imaging & Design Products, Daily Tech Editor
Mario Georgiou

App Design, Marketing
Elise Coppola

Lead Developer
Julius Oklamcak

Contributing Editor
Lianne Reitter

Howard Carson
Mario Georgiou

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Digital Gigs
Georgiou Digital Imaging & Design

Sales & Marketing
Howard Carson
David Coppola

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Kickstartnews Inc.
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Richmond Hill, Ontario
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Fax: (416) 633-9503

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A Note about the Products We Review

Hardware, software, accessory and digital imaging product makers, book publishers and shareware authors regularly send us products to review. The products are sent for review at no cost to us. Inexpensive items (e.g., valued at less than US$400 retail, but not cameras or lenses) are often kept by individual reviewers for personal use, but not for resale in any way. Expensive items (e.g., valued at US$400 or more, but not software of any kind) are usually returned to the maker by means of a pre-paid UPS or FedEx account provided by the maker.

Our reviews are influenced by product makers of all kinds to the extent that we appreciate not having to pay for a wide variety of items for review. However, in order to maintain a degree of objectivity in our reviews that preserves value for potential product consumers, we also maintain a policy of not publishing reviews of products which we in our opinion find unacceptable, substandard, of poor value, unusually difficult to use, poorly designed or poorly made. Our core review policy therefore is to publish positive reviews of products we like.

Kickstartnews does not accept, nor do product makers offer, money or similar incentives over and above the review products themselves. We do feature specifically chosen revenue producing online purchasing links within product reviews specifically to encourage readers to purchase the products we review.

Kickstartnews reviews are written subjectively, from the standpoint of real users in work and/or hobby environments in which a review product might typically be used. We therefore rarely include technical or comparitive product test results.

©Copyright 2000-2010 Kickstartnews is registered with the Library of Congress and the National Library of Canada ISSN 1705-9135. All rights reserved. This site and its contents cannot be reproduced in whole or in part, in any form or format without the expressed written permission of the copyright holders. All violators will be prosecuted (and violated).




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