All our software, hardware and books reviews are organized here. Our reviews tell you exactly how well software, hardware and books work in the real world. It all has to work properly when you need it, otherwise what good is it? Click a category title to get to the reviews.

We beat them all up and tell you what works in the real world of bumps, grinds, drops and crushes. Stylus, add-ons, smartphone cases, camera bags—you name it. Click Here.
Training, tips & tricks, user guides, techniques, product tutorials, programming, hardware, graphic design, digital imaging, Windows, Mac, Linux, Palm, smartphone.
Click Here.
Digital Photography
Digital SLR cameras, digital imaging, photo editing software, lenses, tripods, heads, photography techniques, editing tutorials, compact cameras, camera bags. Click Here.
Math, spelling, problem solving, reading skills, languages, typing. If it's designed to help you learn about something good, we'll review it. Click Here.
Photo editing, drawing, illustration, desktop publishing, digital imaging, scanning, design, fonts, CAD, page layout, plug-ins, filters. Click Here.
Printers, scanners, cameras, modems, hubs, switches, keyboards, mice, drives, card readers, DVD burners, PCI Express, monitors, PC & PCI cards. Click Here.
Browsers, plug-ins, e-mail, browsing, spam filters and anything else which helps to get online, send and receive e-mail, find info online. Click Here.
Software & hardware to keep you connected at home, at the office or any where in the world. We tell you what's reliable, what's helpful & what works. Click Here.
PDA & Smartphone
Productivity, utility, financial, educational, digital photo, video, GPS, WiFi, network, book readers, personal organizers, documents, browsers. Click Here.
Word processing, spreadsheets, project management, financial management, contact management, financial, text editing, music, audio, video, photo, design, digital imaging. Click Here.
Repair, edit, tweak, adjust, protect, maintain, diagnose and analyze your computer, software, hardware, operating system & network, security software, antivirus, antispam, network security, file management. Click Here.
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