miTouch & miCradle for Apple iPhone and iPod Touch

Reviewed by: Jack Reikel, July 2008
Manufactured by: ProFit International
Requires: Apple iPhone or iPod Touch and a car
MSRP: US$36.95

Sometimes it takes a company outside the usual tech circles to come up with products that suit certain needs in the most effective ways. Then again, from a certain perspective tech is tech, and any automobile afficionado and car customizer will readily go on at length about how techy the (auto)mobile world has become. So ProFit International's successful foray into custom fitted iPhone and iPod Touch cradles for a huge range of car and truck makes and models should come as no surprise to anyone. As usual with these sorts of minor installations, a few tools and ten or fifteen minutes worth of patience can be a rewarding experience. ProFit sent us review packages to fit two different vehicles: a 2006 Pontiac Vibe, and a 2008 Honda Accord.

The miTouch and miCradle cradles in each case are designed to provide a precise, secure and cushioned fit for an iPhone or iPod Touch, while also offering relatively quick and easy device removal for storage away from prying eyes, syncing, and so on.


Naturally, the cradle designs accommodate full access to the iPhone and iPod Touch screen, docking ports and the headphone jack. Generally, all ProFit iPhone and iPod Touch cradles are designed with an angled and offset two-piece mount/cradle combination that can swivel in a moderate arc in any direction. ProFit sells several dozen mount configurations to fit a wide variety of US/Domestic and non-US (mainly Japanese) cars.

Mount position choices generally include either a fit underneath and integrated with the center console edge trim, or a screw mount position on the right side of the center console. We chose the integrated fit for both vehicles and found the printed, illustrated installation instructions to be adequate. When doing these sorts of installations which entail removing plastic trim and, depending on the vehicle, minor modifications to one or two plastic trim pieces using a Dremel tool, it's usually best to read the instructions at least twice before actually starting. Whatever your skill with tools happens to be, we think you'll find these installations quite simple. Just read the installation instructions a couple of times before getting started.

We're delighted with the solid mount and close tolerances of the simple miTouch and miCradle models. The position of the cradles does not interfere with control access or passenger knees or anything else. While the reach to the miTouch and miCradle is a bit long, that's mainly a function of the ergonomics and design of the center console on both vehicles. However, in neither case do we have to take our eyes off the road to reach the iPhone or iPod Touch in its mount. Anyway you look at it too, fiddling with any sort of media device while driving is not the smartest move. Safety first with any media or communication device in the car — save the calls, adjustments, song or podcast selections for stop lights, stop signs and parking spots.

Cons: Nothing serious because the miTouch and miCradle install and work as advertised. Photo illustrations in the printed instructions could be larger and cleaner, something which would be of help to novice installers.

Pros: Suctions cups suck, until such time as they stop sucking, fall noisily in the car, usually startling you while you're driving. Suction cups should be banned from all motor vehicles. Suction cup GPS, iPod and mobile phone car mounts all fail when you least expect it. Integrated, screw down, padded and nicely finished fabrications like the miTouch and miCradle take more work to install obviously, but the end result is something out of the way, something that will never fall off unexpectedly and something which does not constitute a hazard in the front seat in the event of a collision. The textured black finish on the miTouch and miCradle is non-reflective, looks good and remains relatively unobtrusive in most vehicle interiors. If you want a rock solid, adjustable mount in the car for your iPhone or iPod Touch, the miTouch and miCradle are the best way to go. Highly recommended.

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