Philips Digital Photo Frame (9"), model 9FF2CME

Reviewed by: Jack Reikel, December 2006
Manufactured by: Philips
Requires: Digital photos; Windows 2000, XP or Vista for USB file transfer from a PC
MSRP: US$298.95 (est. street price)

Few of us have ever worked in an office or other business or lived in a house or apartment that didn't have at least half a dozen event or family photos hung on the walls. Too few of us also have ever taken the time or made the effort to regularly update the photos hung on walls, framed on mantles, or propped up on tables and shelves. Too much like work. We look at the stuff that's been hanging there for a couple of years (the photo of your nephew at 13, who is now 16, driving, and hanging out with girls) and tell ourselves we really should exchange the photo for something more recent. There's an answer to the problem that's easier to use than anything you've tried before: the Philips 9" Digital Photo Frame. We reviewed a sales sample, but the unit should be available in December 2006.

Using the Philips Digital Photo Frame is a simple process. The device has a built-in multimedia card reader which is compatible with Compact Flash (CF) type I, Sony Memory Stick (MS), MS Pro, Multimedia Card (MMC), Secure Digital (SD), and xD cards. Insert a card containing digital photos, copy them to the photo frame's internal memory (it holds between 110-150 photos) and select from a variety of different slideshow styles including Collage, Random, Sequential, and Transition effect. Review photos in the photo frame and rotate or crop individual images to improve their appearance. That's all there is to it.

At 9" (diagonal), the Philips Digital Photo Frame is capable of displaying the equivalent of 5" x 7" photos. The LCD is bright and sharp with an excellent viewing angle of 110º, which basically means that in most office and domestic setups, your photos can be seen clearly across most normal sized rooms.


The 9" model differs (and improves upon) the 7" Philips model is several ways. First and foremost, the on-screen configuration is more detailed and easier to navigate. It's much easier to find your way through the menus and selections using the 2 control buttons and 5-way mini joystick. The 9" model also offers a lot more display choices. You can set the device to display B&W only, photo frame effects and sepia toning—it all works quite well. There are also more slideshow choices: random, looping, sequential, collage (an amazing effect in this form factor), and transition effects between slides. The Philips 9" Digital Photo Frame also offers a satisfying range of timer settings—daily weekday and weekend on/off timers, a clock display and an event reminder function.

The value proposition built into a digital photo frame is really based on the degree to which you and your visitors, family and business associates or customers actually notice the device and its display. The fact is, acceptable quality digital photo frames have been around for about five years. The Philips models however are the best consumer models you can buy as of this writing. Bright, sharp images that are visible at severe viewing angles in a variety of lighting conditions make the Philips Digital Photo Frame a must-have device if you've got a lot of digital photos. You don't even have to own a digital camera. Any print photo or slide can be scanned and then transferred to a digital photo frame. Vacations photos left to languish on a hard drive or CD, pictures of family and friends stored in a drawer or shoe box, and favorite photos taken in a moment of inspiration deserve to be displayed. The Philips Digital Photo Frame is a great way to do it.

Cons: Battery life was an abysmal 50 minutes—use the AC adapter. There are four different bezels supplied with the display, but they're all color variations on the same contemporary style. We'd love to see some square cornered wood and some black metal bezels, either of which would help fit the device into older style or more traditional rooms and offices. The Remaining Memory indicator and the Battery Level indicator were not accurate. Will only display JPEG files—we'd like to see support for other formats including TIFF, PNG and BMP.

Pros: I'm personally fed up with conventional framing, so the quality of these Philips digital models is quite welcome. For $100 more than the 7" model the Philips 9" Digital Photo Frame offers a lot more features. Special effects, image cropping, transitions between slides, built-in clock display, different on/off timers for weekends, an event reminder, three different slideshow styles and the larger 9" LCD display makes this one a very good buy. Bright display with excellent viewing angles means it can be set up almost anywhere. Large recessed outer bezel looks great and sets off displayed images beautifully. The stand can be rotated for portrait or landscape display. Excellent product. Highly recommended.

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