Registry Booster 2

Reviewed by: Jack Reikel, October 2007
Published by: Uniblue Systems Ltd.
Requires: Windows 2000, XP or Vista, 128MB RAM, Pentium 4 processor or faster
MSRP: US$39.95

The biggest laugh I've had in 2007 occurred because a reliable, three year old 2.8GHz Pentium 4 with 2GB of DDR RAM and an nVidia GeForce 7600GS video card could only pull a Windows Vista Experience Index base score of 3.9. I suppose it's not really that funny. I mean to say that I really like this particular computer because it has been a reliable main workstation for me over the past three years. But there was something else going on since I upgraded the machine from Windows XP Professional to Windows Vista Ultimate. Age of hardware aside, Vista had apparently slowed the thing down to the point where I was getting somewhat frustrated. So I ran the review copy of Registry Booster we've had around Kickstartnews for the past 18 months. It was already installed but hadn't been run for about three months. It cleaned out the Vista registry as best it could, pronounced itself finished and rebooted the PC. The result? A small performance improvement. About an hour later my admin assistant tossed a copy of Registry Booster 2 on my desk while mentioning that, "Um, you know we've had RB2 sitting around here for a couple of months? You really ought to review it on Vista." Right. So I did.


Registry Booster 2 follows in the footsteps of the previous version. It's a comprehensive maintenance tool designed specifically to clean out, maintain and optimize the Windows registry. The registry is a complex database of every single program, program file, operating system file, service and operating system function, device, device driver and configuration that's installed, connected to and/or running on your PC. When you install a new program or piece of hardware, the installation routine automatically places entries in specific sections of the registry file so that the operating system can recognize the new program or hardware and allow it to operate correctly, provide it with appropriate access to various parts of the system, allow it to access the Internet as needed and allow other programs to interact with it. Any time a program or device is reconfigured, updated or uninstalled, the routine in that program responsible for making changes to the registry is supposed to do just that. Unfortunately, many programs leave disconnected and invalid registry entries behind. Such entries often lead nowhere—to empty folders, programs and their background services which no longer exist, file associations with software that has been uninstalled, pointers to devices and drivers which are no longer connected and so on—leaving the operating system to waste time looking for something in several different places or for something that no longer exists, thereby causing system startup delays, program launch delays, program shutdown delays, and many other problems. Obviously, the Windows registry is both a blessing and a curse. As junk accumulates in the registry, your PC will gradually feel slower and slower. But if you can find a stable, safe and trustworthy utility capable of cleaning and maintaining your registry without mucking things up, you may find that your old PC will begin to operate faster and faster.

That's what happened to my reliable old workstation. Registry Booster 2, being fully compatible with Windows Vista, was able to track down precisely 851 problems scattered throughout various sections of the registry. The previous version of Registry Booster had nailed a little over 1,000 problems, but just didn't offer sufficient knowledge of Windows Vista to find the rest of the aggravations. I'm delighted to report that my favorite workstation has a new lease on life. I'll probably replace it anyway early in 2008, but until then I've got a Windows Vista Ultimate workstation running nicely on three year old hardware that just happens to be extremely stable and reliable. I'm now running Registry Booster 2 once per week. Good for me. Good for Registry Booster 2.

Cons: There's a noticeably long delay before the progress/status indicator appears onscreen after clicking the Repair button, most noticeable on older PCs with single core processors. The delay may give new users the impression that nothing is happening. The configuration settings can be used to exclude certain parts of the registry from maintenance scans, but the Help system does not provide any instructions or guidance whatsoever for this feature. As a matter of fact—our typically enthusiastic approval of Uniblue Systems products notwithstanding—the Registry Booster 2 Help system is exceedingly thin on detail and guidance in general and is also not context sensitive. No matter what part of Registry Booster you're looking at, clicking the Help button simply launches the Help system at the last tab you were in. It's really not up to Uniblue's usual standards.

Pros: Registry Booster 2 is an important key to successfully running Windows Vista on older, compatible hardware. It is to Windows Vista what a major overhaul is to an older car. Registry Booster 2 creates a more stable operating environment for all of the software, hardware and driver components which form your system. Obviously, running Registry Booster 2 on machines which are otherwise well maintained and which, almost as important, boast massive amounts of RAM and one of the newer breed of dual core CPUs, won't show the sorts of radical performance and stability gains I achieved on my older workstation. But that's the point—there are tens of millions of 'older' workstations out there. If you're running Windows 2000, XP or Vista on any of them, you owe it to your sanity to try Registry Booster 2. The main interface displays status of other installed Uniblue maintenance products including SpeedUpMyPC and Spy Eraser. The software is easy to use—two or three clicks in a very simple interface are all that's usually needed to maintain a PC. A quick pass on separate Intel Core2Duo Windows XP and Core2Duo Windows Vista Home Premium test machines helped stabilize and speed them up as well. The Vista machine in particular benefited from the maintenance. Highly recommended.

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