Education Product Reviews

Charanga Keyboard Coach - learn to play keyboards
Computers as Tutors - can the Learning School be near?
Didi and Ditto's Kindergarten - fun, educational software for pre-schoolers
Digital Art Photography for Dummies - techniques and ideas for creative shooting
eMedia Essential Acoustic Guitar - interactive lesson DVD for beginners
eMedia Guitar Method v3.0 - guitar learning method for beginners
Firefox for Dummies - tutorial and feature explanation by the co-creator of Firefox
Game Progamming Starter Kit 5.0 - learn to create real PC games
How to Do Everything with Mac OS X - guide and tutorials covering all aspects of OS X
Hurst's The Heart - 11/e Digital Edition - a collaborative treatise on the cardiovascular system
MedicineNet Drug Guide for PalmOS & Pocket PC - prescription drug definitions and info


Mia's Language Adventure-The Kidnap Caper - fun word adventure game for kids
Photoshop 7 Learning Studio - top-notch learning tool for all levels
Typing Instructor Deluxe v12 - learn touch typing on the computer
Typing Pal Junior - help 7-14 year olds learn touch typing on the computer
WordDog Plain English Editor - new approach to writing, grammar and spelling improvement





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