Network Reviews

Alchemy Eye v4 - network server monitoring
I'm InTouch v3.3 - remote access software for PDAs, cell phones and laptops
Mobile Net Switch - automatically connect your laptop to any network
Nauticus Deep Data Storage - secure and reliable online data storage and backup
NetCrunch v3 - powerful SNMP monitoring tool

Norton HelpDesk Assistant - remotely manage, control and update network computers
PhatNet 1.0 Professional - packet sniffer & filter utility for Pocket PC
Policy Patrol Spam Filter - spam detection for Microsoft Exchange Server


Replicator - server-based data backup software
ServerMagic v3 - part 1 of 2 - server volume & partition software
ServerMagic v3 - part 2 of 2 - server volume & partition software
Server Manager 4.0 - control, configure and monitor network servers
Sitekeeper - software license tracking and license inventory management
The Network Monkey (#001) - Series - dynamically assigning IP addresses
The Network Monkey (#002) - Series - basic packet filters on netware 5.x
The Network Monkey (#003) - Series - the myth of auto negotiation
Winternals Administrator's Pak 5 - network and system monitoring and maintenance suite



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