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askSam 5 - collate, organize and search all documents in all formats
Blinksale—Online Invoicing - Web 2.0 application for customized online billing
Browse3d Browser V1.5 &1.6 - unique 3D web browsing interface
BullsEye Plus v3 - Internet search and information organizer
ChoiceMail One v3.1 - permission based spam e-mail filtering
Carbonite File Backup - automatic, secure file backup for Windows and Mac OS X computers
Copernic Agent Professional Edition v6.1 - fast, intelligent web searches
Copernic 2000 v4 - powerful Internet search & research tool
Copernic Summarizer v2.0 - great web research organization tool
CuteFTP v3.0 - small, fast, versatile file transfer software
Cyberhawk - detects zero day malware and viruses
DeskTopAuthor v3.1 - E-book design, layout and publishing software
DHTML Menu v6.3 - easily create a wide variety of drop-down menus for web pages
eBlaster v3 - monitors and reports all activity on a PC
EventKeeper - online application for creating event calendars & schedules
Firefox v0.9 - fast, extremely capable browser replacement for Internet Explorer
FlashSpring Pro v1.5 - convert PowerPoint files into Flash format for use online
FlashSpring Pro v2.0 - convert multimedia PowerPoint files into Flash format
HotDog v5.5 Professional - fast and easy HTML editor and web page designer
I Hate Popups v1.0 - block unwanted web site pop-up windows
I hate Spam - spam filtering solution
Image Armada - design and create online virtual 3D galleries to showcase art and photos
InverseFlow Help Desk System - web-based help desk and trouble ticket system


Log Analyzer Professional Edition - popular statistical analysis utility
MailWasher Pro v3.1 - versatile and effective spam filtering tool for all e-mail programs
MailWasher Pro v4 - effective, configurable anti-spam utility
MakeSurvey 1.0 - free online survey creator and data collection tool
MSN Content Plus - instant message enhancement plug-in for MSN Messenger
Namo Web Editor v5.5 - web site design and editing, loaded with template & theme content
Nelson Email Organizer - powerful e-mail search and organization tool
NEO Pro v3 - powerful, versatile e-mail organizer and manager
PerlDesk v1.6 - configure and control Perl scripts for your web site
PixMatrix - embed images in web templates and upload to personal webspace
Qnext Unified Communication Suite - secure multimedia, multi-protocol IM
RBackup Remote Backup Software - complete server and client system for setting up a remote data backup business
RoboForm v6.3.9 - online form filler and secure password storage
RoboForm Pro v6.9.2 - online form and login filler and secure password storage
RoboForm 7 & Roboform Everywhere - online form filler, personal data storage, login filler and secure password vault
Robot Manager Pro - configure robots.txt, track & analyze spiders

SendPhotos v1 - easy, creative way to send photos by e-mail
SendPhotos Gold - send photos formatted with text via e-mail
SendPhotos Gold 4 - e-mail photos in layouts with captions and at the correct size
Site Build It - automated online web site creation
Skylook v1.0.3 - record and organize Skype calls and instant message chats automatically
SplashID Safe - secure standalone or browser plug-in password vault with the latest encryption
SWF 'n Slide v1.104 - create slide shows in Flash movie format
Swift 3D v4 - take 3D designs online

Syntext Serna XML WYSIWYG Editor - XML editor for programmers
TetherBerry v1.0.7 - connect a laptop to the Internet via BlackBerry
Tether for Blackberry - connect a laptop or netbook to the Internet via BlackBerry
WebMonocle - Internet access usage monitoring and control for companies and educational institutions
Webster Browser - IE add-on, powerful search & organize functions
ZoneAlarm Plus and Pro v3.1 - firewall protection





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