Graphic Design Product Reviews

55mm v4.0 - Photoshop plug-in which emulates real glass filters
ACDSee 7 Powerpack - image viewing, cataloging and editing
ACDSee Pro Photo Manager - comprehensive image editing and management
AcidImage Pro v2.9 - photo & slideshow viewer, photo organizer
Adobe Photoshop CS - version 8 of the powerful photo & graphics editor
Adobe Photoshop Elements 6 & Premiere Elements 4 - photo & video editing and organizing
Adobe Photoshop Elements 8 & Premiere Elements 8 - digital photo & video editing, unified organizer, powerful features
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom v1.3 - professional editing, organizing and output for photographers
ArcSoft PhotoStudio v5 - basic digital image editing software
AutoFX AutoEye 2.0 - automated image enhancement plug-in for Photoshop
CADPro 4 - powerful, inexpensive, 2D computer aided design
Chartist Professional Edition v4.2 - chart creation & printing
Cool 3D - create web animations, 3D titles
Corel Designer 9 - powerful technical drawing program
CorelDRAW 10 Graphics Suite - drawing, painting, photo editing and illustration suite
Corel Painter IX - professional natural media painting and illustration
DeBabelizer Pro 6 for Mac OS X - automated image & video conversion and batch processing

Digital Art Shop Photoshop Plug-ins - special filters for pen & ink, photofilm and sketch effects
DiskJockey File Viewer v4 - file manager and viewer for 220 different formats
Dogwaffle v1.6 - powerful, professional paint program
Entourage Arts Watercolor Illustration Collections - trees, flowers, skies and people in high quality, non-photorealistic illustrations
Exposure 1.0 - Photoshop plug-in which emulates the look and feel of 35mm film
Extensis Photo Imaging Suite - creative plug-ins and file management for Photoshop
Face Factory - alter faces in photos; create new identities
Filter Forge - produce and apply filters and procedural textures
FinePrint v5.16 & pdfFactory 2.16 - versatile, efficient output utilities
FlashSpring Pro v1.5 - creative utility to convert PowerPoint files into Flash format
FlashSpring Pro v2.0 - convert multimedia PowerPoint files into Flash format
Great Charts & Graphs - detailed graphing and charting software


Image Armada - design and create online virtual 3D galleries to showcase art and photos
Imagenomic Noiseware Professional - Photoshop plugin reduces noise in digital photos
Imagenomic Portraiture - Photoshop plugin for retouching digital photos
Imagenomic RealGrain - Photoshop plugin for adding and emulating film grain
IntelliCAD 2001 Professional - professional CAD program
Macromedia Dreamweaver 2 / Fireworks 2 Studio - simple, older version, runs on XP
Mystical Tint, Tone & Color - powerful image enhancement plug-in for Photoshop
NetZoom & NetZoom AV Solutions - top quality, manufacturer-specific stencils
Nik Color Efex Pro 3 - top quality, professional digital photo effects plug-in for Photoshop
openCanvas 3 & 3 Plus - high quality drawing program, Photoshop compatible
PD Pro (formerly Project Dogwaffle) v3.1 - paint program with powerful brushes & color controls
Photo Genetics - intelligent digital photo editing software
Photo Mechanic 4 - professional photo sorting and tagging
PhotoSuite Mobile Edition for PalmOS - digital photo editing & viewing on your PDA
Photos on CD & DVD 2.0 Deluxe - burn slide shows to CD or DVD
PicaLoader v1.37 - search for images on the Web
Pixarra Sketchbook v2.5 - basic paint & drawing program with great brushes and effects
Portraiture v1.01 - portrait retouching plug-in
Rectilinear Panorama Pro 1.2.1- Photoshop plug-in

RGBee Color Fun v1.01 - graph and chart color editing
SendPhotos Gold - send photos formatted with text via e-mail
SendPhotos Gold 4 - e-mail photos in layouts with captions and at the correct size
Sketch Master v1.19 - Photoshop plug-in for creating painterly brush effects on digital photos
SketchUp v2.2 - intuitive and useful design sketch and layout program enhances CAD efforts
SketchUp v3.1 - superb design and concept realization tool
SketchUp v5 - intuitive, powerful 3D sketching and modeling program
SplashPhoto for PalmOS - versatile photo and slideshow viewer
Snap Art Photoshop Plug-in - apply a wide range of art effects to photos and other images
SWF 'n Slide v1.104 - create slide shows in Flash movie format
Swift 3D v4 - take 3D designs online
TrueGrain v1.1 - add realistic B&W film grain to digital photos
Virtual Painter 4 - apply powerful painterly and artistic effects to digital photos
Your Bumper Sticker Maker - fast, easy to use, great templates, great results
Your Trading Card Maker - fast, easy to use, great templates, great results
Xara Photo and Graphic Designer 6 - digital photo editing, graphics and web design and page layout
Xara Xtreme - inexpensive Adobe Illustrator killer for beginner and intermediate artists
Xara Xtreme Pro - advanced Adobe Illustrator killer with web, 3D & desktop publishing features




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