PDA, Handheld & Smartphone Reviews

101 Killer Apps for Palm OS - very well thought out book & CD
101 Killer Apps for your Pocket PC - superb collection with bundled CD
AcidImage Pro v2.9 - photo & slideshow viewer, photo organizer
AcidSolitaire & AcidFreecell - great, detailed versions for PDA
AcidSpider for Palm OS - excellent version of the classic Patience, for Palm OS 5
Agenda Fusion 7 for Windows Mobile & Pocket PC Phone - personal information manager
Answer Please Unit Converter - convert anything to anything
BackupBuddy & BackupBuddyVFS v2.1 (PalmOS
) - automated backup software
BDicty Pro English Dictionary v5.2 for PalmOS
- large English lexicon for PalmOS 3.5+
BDicty Reader v5.4 & LexSpell - Palm OS, superb reader & custom spell checker
Belkin Media Reader for iPod w/Dock - transfer digital photos from storage card to iPod

Belkin Tunecast II - wireless FM transmitter for iPod and other portable music players
Belkin TuneDok for iPod - car cup holder mounting system for 1G & 3G iPods
Bejeweled v2.2 for PalmOS & Pocket PC
- highly addictive symbol matching game
Blackberry Pearl Premium Leather Flip Case - quality protection for 8100 series phones
BugMe! v4.3 & BugMe! Messenger - alarm and reminder program with wireless connectivity
BugMe! Notepad - Palm OS, multimedia notes, reminder, alarm & communications
BugMe! for Pocket PC - visual alarms & reminders
Busker MP3 for Palm OS - turn your PDA into a music player
Call Log+ v1.01 for Treo 650 - full integration with Outlook Journal and note taking while on calls
Calligrapher v7.4 for Pocket PC - powerful handwriting recognition software
Calligrapher 8.2 - highly accurate and responsive handwriting recognition engine for PPC
Clickomania & Clickomania II - challenging shape and character matching
Code Wallet Pro 2006 - PDA and smartphone data vault for personal information
Code Wallet for Pocket PC - secure, portable storage of personal and confidential data
Concentrix v1.1.1 - addictive symbol, color and moving shape matching game
Cross Matrix Multifunction Pen - high quality multifunction pen for all PDAs
Cross MicroPen Retractable PDA Stylus - versatile, high quality stylus
Cross Morph DigitalWriter Duo Stylus/Pen - versatile, easy to handle design
DateBk5 for Palm OS - powerful, feature filled date book & scheduler
Earthcomber for Palm OS - city map and travel guide software for U.S. locations
Facer Launcher 3 - integrated Palm OS program launcher and Today page

FacerPro Launcher v2.7 for Palm OS - replacement program launcher and Today page
Faber-Castell Duo Ballpen/Stylus - elegant, yet simple and functional combo
Farkle for Palm OS - addictive, multiplayer dice game
FindWiz v2.1 for Palm OS - search utility with wildcard and Boolean functions
Fish Tycoon for Palm OS5 - raise fish, crossbreed, develop exotic species
GTS Racing Challenge for Pocket PC - arcade-style road racing
HanDBase 3 Professional - extremely powerful database application and designer
Handmark Express - wireless news & information service

Handmark Mobile Tools
- superb collection of utilities for all PalmOS PDAs
Handspring Visor Prism - powerful color PDA from Handspring
InfiniFile for Palm OS - wireless WiFi and Bluetooth access to your PC or network
Inka Pen/Stylus - pen/stylus instrument for business, travel, work and adventure
InnoPocket Metal Deluxe PDA Case - well designed, well made PDA case
KeySuite v3.5 for Palm OS - sync and display Outlook data on your handheld


Lamy Logo Multisystem Stylus/Pen - highly functional, technomodern design
Lingvosoft Talking Dictionaries for Palm OS - English-to-45 other languages and vice versa
Lingvosoft Talking Dictionaries for PPC - two-way translation dictionaries for 46 languages
Leonard Maltin's 2005 Movie Guide for Pocket PC - complete guide for your handheld
Marc Saltzman's Top 250 Games for PalmOS - great collection of PDA games
Mars Needs Cows for Palm OS & Pocket PC - fun puzzle game with multiple difficulty levels
Marquis by Waterford Claria Stylus/Pen - elegant, durable stylus/pen
MedicineNet Drug Guide for PalmOS & Pocket PC - prescription drug definitions and info
Meteor for Palm OS - highly playable, great looking Breakout/Ricochet variant
Mobile Jigsaw for Palm OS & Pocket PC - customizable jigsaw puzzle game
MyBible v3.0 - complete modern bible study reference
My Cool 3-in-1 PDA Stylus - aluminum & composite stylus, rest pin and pen combo
PathAway 3 GPS Navigation & Mapping Software (PalmOS) - GPS tracking software
PDair 3inOne PDA Stylus - high quality replacement stylus
PDAir Custom Leather Flipcase - high quality case
PDAir Sony P900 P910i Aluminum Case - good protection for Smartphones
PhatPad v2.2 - superior text input for Pocket PC PDAs
PhatNet 1.0 Professional - packet sniffer & filter utility for Pocket PC
Piel Frama PDA Cases for Palm & Pocket PC - superb quality and design
Pixelus for Palm OS & Pocket PC - engrossing mosaic puzzle game
Plant Tycoon - Palm OS 5 game creates complete plant shop business
Plug2Net & Aileron for Palm OS - wired or wireless network connectivity
PocketBreeze for Pocket PC - enhance and extend the functionality of the Today screen
Pocket Codes - handy database of telephone area codes and country codes
Pocket Medical Encyclopedia v2 for Palm OS - the best medical reference available
PowerRUN v1.3 - a tiny utility that gives you more system memory
Proporta Blackberry 67xx/77xx Aluminum Case - protect and access your RIM Blackberry
Proporta P900/P910i Aluminum Case - protect and access your Sony Ericsson P900/910i
Proporta's Treo 600/650 Silicone & Aluminum Cases - great protection for PDA smartphones
Q-Pad for Pam Vx - a well-designed thumb keypad and integrated case for Palm Vx PDAs
RepliGo Viewer v2.0.1 for Palm OS - read documents with original formatting
Resco Explorer 2007 for Palm OS, Pocket PC & Smartphone - powerful file manager
Ricochet for PalmOS - Breakout on steroids, excellent and detailed version
Ringo for Palm OS & Pocket PC - capture, import or download ringtones for your Smartphone
RoadLingua Reader v3.2 & WordNet v2.0 Lexicon for Palm OS & Windows Mobile
Rotring Initial Data Rollerball - high quality stylus/pen for all PDAs
Rotring Trio 600 Stylus/Pen - stylus/pen for heavy duty daily use
Scrabble Crossword for PalmOS - great PDA adaptation of a great game
Sensa Minx Stylus/Pen - compact, high quality stylus replacement
Styrite Palm Zire 71 Combo Pack, USB Travel Kit, P-Arno Stylus Pen - PDA accessories
SplashBlog v1.5 - automated photo blogging with a wireless PDA or Treo
SpashClock - nifty little clock for your PDA
SplashID for Blackberry - secure personal information data vault utility
SplashID for Palm OS - securely store passwords, codes, IDs, PINs, etc.
SplashID v3.03 - securely store passwords & sensitive data on your PDA
SplashNotes for Palm OS - outliner and note taker for personal, student or business use
SplashPhoto for PalmOS - versatile photo and slideshow viewer
SplashMoney v4 for Palm OS - personal finance management for Quicken and Money
SplashTravel - comprehensive travel utility with alarms, converters and travel tools
SplashTravel Professional Edition - live currency exchange & flight info updates, alarms and travel management tools
TetherBerry v1.0.7 - connect a laptop to the Internet via BlackBerry
Tether for Blackberry - connect a laptop or netbook to the Internet via BlackBerry
ToDoPlus v3.51 - versatile replacement for built-in PalmOS To-Do program
TiBR Pro Reader v1.48, TiBR Converter - fast, efficient PalmDoc utility
Treo 650 Desktop Cradle - desktop HotSync and charging cradle
Trivial Pursuit Handheld Edition (Palm OS & Pocket PC) - mobile version
Vaja AP186 Custom Leather Case for 30GB iPod - top quality custom device case
Village Sim for Palm OS - detailed, entertaining Sim for Palm OS
Warfare Incorporated - superb, real time strategy game for Palm & Pocket PC
WiFile v1.02 - wired and wireless network access for Palm OS PDAs
WordPop! (Palm OS) - well-designed word search game for handhelds
WorldMate 2005 Professional Edition v5 for Palm OS - travel planner & companion utility
Yahtzee for PalmOS - excellent version of the original, specifically for Palm PDAs
Zen Sudoku for Palm OS - nicely designed version of the popular number puzzle game
ZLauncher v5 for Palm OS - powerful program launcher & utility




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