Book Reviews

101 Killer Apps for Palm OS - very well thought out book & CD
101 Killer Apps for your Pocket PC - superb collection with bundled CD
802.11 Wireless Networks, The Definitive Guide - wireless networking explained
A+ Second Edition Exam Cram 2 - prepare for CompTIA exams
AI Application Programming, 2/e - an overview and guide to developing software AI
Adobe InDesign CS One-on-One - advanced tutorial for InDesign
Adobe Photoshop CS2 for Photographers - detailed reference guide for advanced users
Adobe Photoshop CS3 for Photographers - comprehensive and detailed user guide
Adobe Photoshop CS One-on-One - superb guide for beginner & intermediate users
Adobe Photoshop Elements 4 & Premiere Elements 2 All in One - tutorial and reference guide
Agile Project Management - guide to the techniques and methodology of APM
Al Ward's Photoshop Productivity Toolkit - explanation and library of Photoshop Actions
Analyzing Business Data with Excel - advanced and complex analysis techniques using Excel
ASP in a Nutshell - for beginner and intermediate programmers
Backup & Recovery - advanced reference for system administrators
Basic Critical Theory for Photographers - analysis, cultural theories and historical perspectives
Beyond Java - for programmers who are looking for more powerful development tools
Bitter Java by Bruce A. Tate - design patterns, issues and solutions for Java programming
Building Java Enterprise Applications Vol 1, Architecture
Building Secure Servers with Linux - excellent guide to this important subject
Building the Perfect PC - expert, detailed DIY guidance
C# in a Nutshell - C# programming language explained
Canon DSLR: The Ultimate Photographer's Guide - for all Canon digital SLR camera users
Cashing In with Content - making the most of your web site and online business
Code Generation in Action - superb reference for code generating techniques
Color Confidence - The Digital Photographer's Guide to Color Management
Computer Forensics: Crime Scene Investigation - analysis and explanations of cyber crime
Computer Privacy Annoyances - extensive techniques to protect personal information
Computers as Tutors - can the Learning School be near?
Current Consult Medical 2005 - diagnosis and treatment guide for clinics and GPs
Creating Striking Graphics with Maya and Photoshop - case-study reference and projects
Creative Photoshop - digital illustration and art techniques
d'artiste: Character Modeling - techniques used by some the best CG artists
d'artiste—Concept Art - tutorials and reference work from famous digital concept artists
d'artiste - Digital Artists Master Class: Matte Painting - top tutorial for pros and budding pros
Designing Interfaces: Patterns for Effective Interaction Design - superb overview of UE, UI, and user interaction design
Developing ASP Components - writing ASP code; server and HTML
DHMTL Utopia: Modern Web Design Using Javascript & DOM - developers guide for web application design
Digital Art Photography for Dummies - techniques and ideas for creative shooting
Digital Collage & Painting - techniques for Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter
Digital Heritage - digitizing and preserving artifacts, objet's d'art, and heritage archives
Digital Photography Books - newest releases January 2010 by Bamberg, Busch & Weinrebe
Digital Photography Pocket Guide, 2nd Edition - concise reference book
Digital Photography Workshops—Portraits - beginner to intermediate reference
Digital Restoration from Start to Finish - advanced photo restoration techniques
Domain-Driven Design - designing and planning best practices
Eclipse IDE Pocket Guide - getting started with Eclipse integrated development environment
Ending Spam, by Jonathan Zdziarski - theory and practice for effective spam filtering
Enterprise JavaBeans, 4th Edition - detailed reference and instruction text
Essential System Administration, by Aeleen Frisch
Even Grues Get Full - collection of User Friendly cartoons by Illiad Frazier
Expose 4 - a compendium of the finest CG art and illustrations
Firefox for Dummies - tutorial and feature explanation by the co-creator of Firefox
Flash MX Learning Studio - learn to use Flash MX, interactive training
Graphics Programming with Perl
Google Hacks: 100 Industrial-Strength Tips & Tricks - get the most out of Google
Handbook of Analytical Methods for Dietary Supplements - reference for labs, manufacturers
Hands-On Guide to Video Blogging & Podcasting - development and production guide
Head First HTML with CSS and XHTML - a short, detailed tutorial and guide from beginner through to advanced practices and code
Hidden Power of PhotoShop Elements 2 - Learn this superb image editor
Home Networking Annoyances - Q&A format to help solve network installation problems
How to Do Everything with Mac OS X - guide and tutorials covering all aspects of OS X

How to Do Everything with Photoshop CS - training, guidance and instruction
How To Do Everything With Your Digital Camera - reference and guide for beginners
How Linux Works - reference books for all aspects of Linux OS
How To Use Microsoft Office 2000 Visually in Full Color - MS Office 2000 tutorials & training
Hurst's The Heart - 11/e Digital Edition - a collaborative treatise on the cardiovascular system


ILEX Digital Studio Series for Photoshop - comprehensive Photoshop learning and reference books presented in a four-part series
Illustrator CS Accelerated—A Full Color Guide - detailed, top quality instruction
iLife '04, The Missing Manual - detailed reference guide for iLife '04
iPod & iTunes: The Missing Manual - detailed information on every aspect of iPods and iTunes
Intrusion Detection with Snort - overview & reference for Snort IDS
IPv6 Essentials - overview & implementation of new Internet protocol
J2EE Developer's Handbook - accurate and thoughtfully organized
J2EE and XML Development by Gabrick and Weiss
J2EE Security For Servlets, EJBs, and Web Services - best-in-class coverage of the subject
Java 3D Programming, by Daniel Selman
JavaScript: The Definitive Guide 5th Ed. - reference and guidebook for jscript programmers
JBoss: A Developer's Notebook - a comparative review of JBoss for programmers
JBoss at Work: A Practical Guide - JBoss server reference for Administrators

Julie King's Everyday Photoshop for Photographers - guide for digital photographers
JSTL in Action - well written reference text for JavaServer Pages Standard Tag Library
Just a Geek, by Wil Wheaton - an entertaining journey of self-realization
Just Say No To Microsoft - analysis and tutorial about switching from Microsoft products
Learning PHP 5 - beginners' reference guide to PHP
Learning Red Hat Linux - must-have reference for Linux users
Learning the Korn Shell - a great command line primer for Unix & Linux
Learning Windows Server 2003 - configure and understand your Microsoft server
Learning XML, 2nd Edition - reference guide for XML
Linux Annoyances for Geeks - tweaking and correcting problems in Linux
Linux Made Easy - a concise guide for Xandros Linux
Linux for Non-Geeks - user friendly Linux guide for beginners
Linux Kernel Development - guide for senior developers
Linux Unleashed, 4th Edition - everything you need to know about Linux
Looking Good in Print - foundation and guidebook for everyone interested in DTP
Make Your Own Hollywood Movie - experienced instruction, proven techniques
Mastering Digital Photography and Imaging - authoritative, friendly guidance
Mastering the Nikon D800 by Darrell Young - authoritative, detailed setup and usage guide for the Nikon D800 digital SLR photo & video camera
Managing and Using MySQL 2nd Edition (George Reese, Randy Jay Yarger, Tim King with Hugh E. Williams); MySQL Reference Manual (by Michael "Monty" Widenius, MySQL AB, David Axmark)
Mastering Office 2003 for Business Professionals - guide for beginners
Microsoft in the Mirror - nineteen insiders reflect on their time at Microsoft
Moving to Linux, by Marcel Gagné - clear, concise guidance to get started with Linux
Moving to the Linux Business Desktop - move small or large businesses to Linux
.Net Framework Essentials - 2nd edition of this excellent reference guide
Novell NetWare v6.5 Administrator's Handbook - concise guide and reference
Object Oriented PHP: Concepts, Techniques & Code - intermediate and advanced PHP Writer - reference for the powerful, freeware word processor
Open Source for the Enterprise - is open source software right for your business
Open Source for Windows Administrators - use a wide variety of powerful open source tools to administer any version of Windows
Organize Your Office In No Time - setup, organize and reorganize for better efficiency and a smoother running workspace

Painter IX for Photographers - reference guide for intermediate & pro users of Painter
PC Hardware Made Easy, the Ultimate PC Assembly and Repair Course - repair & upgrade your own PC
Perl for Oracle DBAs - detailed information on using Perl with Oracle
Perl in a Nutshell, Second Edition by Patwardhan, Siever, and Spanbour
Peter Norton's Complete Guide to Linux - overview of 3 different flavors of the OS
Photo Finish: The Digital Photographer's Guide to Printing, Showing, and Selling Images
Photoshop 5 Productivity Kit - creative reference for all versions
Photoshop 7 at Your Fingertips: Get In, Get Out, Get Exactly What You Need - definitive reference text
Photoshop CS Trickery and FX - tutorials and examples for creating exotic FX in Photoshop
Photoshop CS2 QuickSteps - comprehensive range of tutorials for Creative Suite 2
Photoshop for Right Brainers: The Art of Photo Manipulation - intermediate+ photo editing techniques
PhotoShop Savvy 7 - detailed guide to PhotoShop 7
Pivot Table Data Crunching - mine data and create specialized views of Excel spreadsheets
Point & Click - guidebook & reference text for the office suite

Poor Richard's Building Online Communities by Margaret Levine Young and John Levine - create successful online communities easily
Poor Richard's E-mail Publishing - Creating Newsletters, Bulletins, Discussion Groups and Other Powerful Communication Tools
PHP Hacks: Tips & Tools for Creating Dynamic Web Sites - reference guide for programmers
PHP Phrasebook - a handy pocket reference guide for programmers on the move
PHP Pocket Reference, 2nd Ed. - thorough, detailed pocket guide to PHP
Power Excel & Word - get the most out of both programs
PowerBuilder 9 Advanced Client/Server Development - detailed usage of PowerBuilder
PowerBuilder 9 Internet and Distributed Application Development
Privacy Tactics - excellent review of privacy & protection of personal information
Programming Mac OS X - excellent guide for intermediate & advanced Mac programmers
Programming the Be Operating System - handy developers reference guide
RAW Workflow from Capture to Archives - RAW image workflow guide for digital photographers
Red Hat Linux 9 Unleashed - full version of Linux on CD plus advanced installation guide
Run Your Own Web Server Using Linux & Apache - LAMP reference guide
Samba Pocket Reference, 2nd Edition - pocket reference guide for Samba administrators
Sams Teach Yourself Macromedia Flash MX - get started quickly and easily
Sams Teach Yourself Microsoft Visual C# .NET 2003 in 24 Hours
Sams Teach Yourself Adobe Photoshop CS in 24 Hours - get started quickly and easily
Sams Teach Yourself TCP/IP in 24 Hours - thorough primer & guide to TCP/IP
Sams Teach Yourself Unix in 24 Hours, 4th Ed. - guide to Unix & its command line interface
Shooting Digital: Pro Tips - advice, guidance and how-to for digital photographers
Show Me! Adobe Photoshop CS - well designed, step-by-step tutorials
Special Edition Using Caldera OpenLinux - tutorial on a popular Linux package
Special Edition - Using Microsoft Office Word 2003 - advanced guide & reference
Spring: A Developers Notebook - Spring framework resource for J2EE programmers
Steal This Computer Book 4.0 - think like a hacker to take better care of your data
Swing Hacks, Tips and Tools for Building Killer GUIs - reference for Swing programmers
The Adobe Photoshop Layers Book - technical and creative use of layers
Take Your Photography To The Next Level - developing a creative eye & photography technique
The Art of Computer Virus Research & Defense - technical analysis of virus attack & defense

The Art of Photoshop by Daniel Giordan - excellent addition to any Photoshop collection
The Art of Photoshop CS2 Edition - advanced instruction & tutorial book and CD
The Art of Project Management - experiences and organized advice from Microsoft alumni
The Art of RAW Conversion - comprehensive overview of RAW image handling and workflows
The Book of Nero 6 Ultra Edition - detailed guidance and tutorials
The Complete Small Business Internet Guide - setting up business online
The Essential Digital Manipulation Manual for Photographers - Photoshop techniques
The Essential Color Manual for Photographers - thorough explanations of digital color principles
The Hidden Power of Illustrator CS: Web Graphics Techniques - web graphics instruction
The Idiot's Guide to Running Your Small Office with Microsoft Office
The Microsoft Office Project 2007 Survival Guide - tutorial and resource book
The Moment It Clicks - brilliant look at technique & quality by renowned photographer Joe McNally
The Outlook Answer Book - detailed guide and reference for home, office and help desk
The Practical Zone System - technical reference and guide to Ansel Adams' system
The Principles of Beautiful Web Design - reference on layout, navigation, typography & color
The Symantec Guide to Home Networking Security - wired and wireless home networks
TheTCP/IP Guide - a comprehensive illustrated Internet Protocols reference book

The Ultimate HTML Reference - concise HTML reference compendium
The Web Programmer's Desk Reference - HTML, CSS and JavaScript compendium
Thom Hogan's Complete Guide to the Nikon D800 and D800E - comprehensive set up, configuration, photography and video guide
UNIX/Linux Survival Guide - guide and reference for beginner and intermediate system admins
Upgrading and Repairing Laptops - reference guide for beginners & pros
Upgrading & Repairing Networks, 4th Edition - repair bible, 2003/2004 edition
Upgrading & Repairing PC's, 15th Anniversary Ed. - PC repair & maintenance
Upgrading to PHP 5 - guide to all the new features in this popular language
Using Open Source Web Software with Windows - setting up an inexpensive web server
Using Samba 2nd Edition - detailed update to the first edition
Visual Basic .NET Language in a Nutshell
Visual Basic for PalmOS - programming for PDAs
Web Database Applications with PHP & My SQL - advanced programming
Web Development with Apache & Perl, by Theo Petersen
Web Site Cookbook - recipe style solutions for web designers working in HTML, CSS and PHP
Windows Forms Programming in C#, by Erik Brown
Windows Seat: The Art of Digital Photography and Creative Thinking - photojournal about the creative digital photography process
Windows Small Business Server 2003: A Concise Reference & How To - guide for IS/IT and admin staff
Windows Vista—The Missing Manual, by David Pogue - comprehensive reference guide
Windows XP in a Nutshell by Karp, O'Reilly and Mott - everything you need to know
Windows XP Pro: The Missing Manual, 2nd Edition - highly detailed guidebook for XP
Winn L. Rosch Hardware Bible 5th Edition - definitions and descriptions of computer hardware
Word Annoyances - fix the most annoying things about Microsoft's word processor
Yahoo! to the Max - complete guide to the most powerful search engine and Web portal




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