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Access Folders v2.1 - file and folder path utility
ACDSee 7 Powerpack - image and photo viewing, editing and organizer suite
ACDSee Pro Photo Manager 8 - view, process, edit, organize, publish and archive photos
Actual Window Manager for Tablet PC - regain screen space, modify window behavior
Advanced System Optimizer v1.03 - customizer, optimizer and system multitool
Agent 2000 v1.0 - modular Personal Information Manager (PIM)
AVG Anti-Virus - protection and security against all viruses
Backup4all v2.3 - intuitive, zip-based, automated backup utility
Benign v1.4 - strip web bugs & and other nasties from your e-mail
BoostXP - versatile system maintenance and tweak utility
Call Log+ v1.01 for Treo 650 - take notes during calls, integrates with Outlook

Carbonite File Backup - automatic, secure file backup for Windows and Mac OS X computers
Cyberhawk - detects zero day malware and viruses
Defrag for Windows 2.0 - defragment your hard drive fast
Defrag Manager - hard disk optimization utility
Defragmenter Pro V1.0 - another disk optimization utility
DHTML Menu v6.3 - easily create a wide variety of drop-down menus for web pages
DiskJockey File Viewer v4 - file manager and viewer for 220 different formats
Diskeeper Professional v8 - fast, accurate disk defragmentation
Diskeeper v9 Administrator Edition - hard disk defrag for workstations and networked PCs
Diskeeper v9 Home Edition and Professional Edition - defrag utilities for home & office PCs
Diskeeper 10 Professional Premier - efficient, powerful file defragmentation and optimization
Diskeeper 2007 Professional Premier - advanced hard drive defragmentation and optimization
Dogwaffle v1.6 - powerful, professional paint program
DriverScanner 2009 - system and hardware driver scanning and updates
EasyBoot v5.02 - multiple ISO images of different operating systems on bootable CD
Email Saver Xe v2.0 - fast, efficient e-mail back up utility
ExplorerPlus - powerful file management utility
Filecrate Remote File Backup - secure, powerful, automatic file backup and remote storage for any Windows or Mac desktop, laptop or netbook
File Scavenger v3.0 - reliable file and disk recovery tool
Flashpaste Pro - clipboard-style utility for using repetitive text
FlashSpring Pro v1.5 - utility to convert PowerPoint files into Flash format
FlashSpring Pro v2.0 - convert multimedia PowerPoint files into Flash format
FullShot Professional v6.3 & v7 - premier screen capture program
Handy Folders - efficient folder path utility, plugs into Windows Explorer
HandySnap v1.1 - versatile, easy to use, screenshot program
iCare Data Recovery Standard - undelete, partition and file recovery for hard disks, external drives, flash and memory cards
InfiniFile for Palm OS - WiFi & Bluetooth access to media & data on a PC or network

jetAudio Plus w/jetRadio - audio and video playback software
jetAudio v6.2.8 Plus VX - audio, video, DVD playback, music ripping multimedia center
Lifeboat v1.0 - system recovery utility for unbootable Windows systems
Lost Password Recovery Kit v7.3 - recover passwords from over 80 different file formats

MailWasher Pro v4 - effective, configurable anti-spam utility
MagicTweak v1.92 - system configuration and Windows registry tweaker
MSN Content Plus - instant message enhancement plug-in for MSN Messenger
mst Defrag - maintain hard drive speed and stability
mst Defrag 1.8 - highly regarded hard disk defragmentation utility


Nauticus Deep Data Storage - secure and reliable online data storage and backup
NOD32 Antivirus System v1.324 - keep viruses away
Norton Ghost v9.0 - indispensable drive imaging utility
Norton GoBack 4.0 - restore a corrupt system to a previously stable configuration
Norton Internet Security 2005 - antispam, firewall and antivirus software
Norton Internet Security 2007 - antivirus, firewall, antispyware security suite
Norton SystemWorks 2005 - full protection, analysis, repair & system maintenance
Object Desktop 2005 - comprehensive, Windows GUI and environment customization
Optimize 2.0 - system, hard drive, browser and registry optimization tool
Password Officer Deluxe 5.0 - track and manage all sorts of logons, passwords and data
Password Recovery Kit v7.3 - retrieve lost passwords from many documents types
PCSync v3 - synchronize files, folders and entire drives between two computers
PentaSuite 7 PC Utility Suite - file, content and backup manager
PentaSuite 8 PC Utility Suite - file, content and backup manager, CD/DVD burning
PerfectDisk v6 - Hard drive defragmenter and optimizer
PestPatrol - anti-virus software enhancement
PhatPad v2.2 - superior text input for Pocket PC PDAs
Plug and Browse - automatically configure one PC for multiple networks
PolicyPatrol ZIP v3.5 - manage e-mail attachments on the server
PowerSuite 2012 - Windows desktop & laptop PC registry, driver and system maintanence utility
PowerZip v5.01 - data compression alternative to WinZip; easy to use
Privacy Guardian - thoroughly clean browsers & hard drives
ProcessScanner & ProcessLibrary.com - list, analyze and identify all Windows system processes
Recovery Manager v1.2 - good replacement for Windows restore point system
Registry Booster - clean, maintain, defrag, speed up the Windows 2000 & XP registry
Registry Booster 2 - clean, maintain, defrag, speed up the Windows 2000, XP & Vista registry
Registry Booster 2010 - clean, maintain, defrag, speed up the Windows 7, Vista and XP registry
Registry Mechanic v2.1 - fast, accurate registry clean up tool
Resco Explorer 2007 for Palm OS, Pocket PC & Smartphone - powerful file manager
RestoreIT Professional 7 - system restore point, backup and emergency utility
Retrospect Express Backup v5.5 - reliable, well supported backup utility
Retrospect Professional v6.5 - superb backup solution for any Windows PC
Retrospect v7.5 Professional for Windows - comprehensive PC and small network backup
Ringo for Palm OS & Pocket PC - capture, import or download ringtones
RoboForm v6.3.9 - online form filler and secure password storage
RoboForm Pro v6.9.2 - online form and login filler and secure password storage
RoboForm 7 & Roboform Everywhere - online form filler, personal data storage, login filler and secure password vault
Security Task Manager v1.6 - replacement for Windows Task Manager
Selkie Data Rescue v2 - rescue data when Windows won't boot
Selkie Quick File Transfer v3.1 - securely backup or transfer files across a network
SendPhotos Gold - send photos formatted with text via e-mail
Servant Salamander v2.5 (beta) - file manager w/plugin features and system tools
SmartSync Pro v2.1 - automated backups to hard drive, CD/DVD and flash drive
SPAMfighter Pro v6 - antispam protection for Outlook, Outlook Express & Windows Mail
SpeedUpMyPC - Optimize Windows and your PC
SpeedUpMyPC v3 - Optimize RAM, CPU, Internet connection and startup
SpinRite v5 - highly rated hard drive analysis & maintenance program
SpinRite v6 - comprehensive hard drive recovery & maintenance
SplashID Safe - secure standalone or browser plug-in password vault with the latest encryption
SplashTravel Professional Edition - live currency exchange & flight info updates, alarms and travel management tools
Spring Cleaning v7 for Mac OS X -  - clean, optimize and maintain Mac OS X computers
SpyEraser 2 - spyware scanning, detection & removal
System Mechanic v9 - complete Windows PC analysis and automatic maintenance
SystemSuite 5 - system maintenance, security and protection suite
SystemSuite 7 Professional - PC maintenance, optimization, security and protection
Task Manager 2003 - organize people, task and projects
Tweak Manager v2.1 - fully customize Windows and many programs
TrayHelper v2.4 - event, reminder and clock utility
Undelete v4 - file recovery management utility
Undelete 5 Professional Edition - replacement for the Windows Recycle Bin
VirtualDrive Pro 10 - CD/DVD ISO image maker and virtual drive creator
VoxProxy 3.0 - PowerPoint plug-in adds walking, talking, interactive animated characters
WinBackup - reliable, secure backup software
WinBackup 2.0 - basic file and system backup with scheduling features
WinCleaner DestroyIt Pro & DiskSanitizer - permanently destroy data
WinTasks 5 Professional - superb background process analysis
Winternals Administrator's Pak 5 - network and system monitoring and maintenance suite
WinZip Beta v9 - 2003 beta release of the award-winning Zip compression utility
WinZip 10.0 Pro - powerful Zip, bzip2 & PPMd file compression and data backup tool
WinZip 12 Pro - powerful ZIP, digital photo, FTP & email utility and data backup tool
WinZip Companion for Outlook - automatically compress outgoing Outlook file attachments WinZip Self-Extractor v2.2 - convert Zip files into self-extracting files
WS_FTP Pro v7 - the premier file transfer software
X-Detect v1.0 - search a computer for traces of illicit browsing
Xara ScreenMaker 3D - wonderful 3D text & graphics screensaver creator
xplorer² Professional - powerful, stable, feature-laden file manager for Windows


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